At work

Think big, team up and have a good time.
Our recipe for creating extraordinary commerce experiences begins and ends with the people.

What’s it like to work at IMPACT?

How we work 

The short answer? Together. The slightly longer answer would state something about how collaboration is key in everything we do. Our teams and our clients are all over the world, so we make a sincere effort to always be accessible and kind towards each other. That’s how we elevate our work and how people can become the best version of themselves.

There’s no work without play. Sometimes, the best ideas emerge at the Friday bar, and we wouldn’t dream of standing in the way of that.  


Who we work with

Here are some of the brands and businesses we’ve helped transform digitally:

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Not seeing your dream job? 

We’re always scouting for fresh talent. Connect with us, and we’ll reach out when we’re looking for someone just like you.  

The nice-to-knows

Our hiring A-Z is pretty simple. But before applying you might have a few questions. Here are some answers.  

When can i expect an answer?

We handle applications continuously and strive to get back to you within 2-4 weeks. To ensure that all applications are handled and answered properly, we only consider applications submitted through our website.

IMPACT's hiring process

We handle applications continuously and strive to get back to you within 2-4 weeks. If we consider you a possible match for our business, you will be invited to an initial interview.

The first interview will usually be with a manager from the relevant department along with an HR representative. Here, we will tell you more about IMPACT and the job. We would also like to hear more about you and your background, experiences and motivation for joining IMPACT. We serve a nice cup of coffee, and the interview usually lasts about an hour.

If we still want to become better acquainted after this interview, you will be invited in for a second round. You will receive a case problem in advance that we would like you to solve and present at the interview. In addition, you will fill in a personal profile, which we will also talk about. This interview usually lasts about an hour and a half.

After the second interview, we feel well equipped to determine whether you are the right profile for the job in question. And hopefully you have also learned enough to decide whether you want your next job to be with IMPACT. If we are on the same page, we will check your references before offering you a position.

Onboarding with IMPACT

Once the contract is signed, the countdown for your first day of work begins. During your first time with IMPACT, this is what you can expect:

  • An introduction plan in which you are thoroughly introduced to your tasks, department, projects, responsibilities, IT systems and new colleagues.
  • You will be assigned a professional mentor who will help you get started on your tasks and projects.
  • You will also be assigned a Sherpa who will become your IMPACT buddy. He or she will help you settle in with IMPACT and make sure you get the best possible start with us. Your Sherpa will help you answer all the practical questions you definitely have when you come on board.
  • Together, we draw up a 3-6-12-month development plan tailored to your personality and professional expertise. This helps us make sure that, together, we will achieve the ambition for your personal and professional development.
  • We follow up – on the little everyday matters as well as on the bigger development goals. In addition to your monthly 1-on-1 talks with your immediate manager, we will evaluate your onboarding together.
  • Once you are firmly off the ground, we will of course also have annual performance and development reviews with follow-up sessions just like we gauge the temperature of our employees’ satisfaction and well-being every second week. Bonus info: our employee satisfaction is actually among the highest in the industry.
This is how we process your data

IMPACT only uses your data for recruitment purposes, and personal information will be handled confidentially. We comply with applicable Danish and European law concerning the protection of personal data. Your data is kept in our recruitment system for up to 6 months after which it will be deleted automatically unless you choose actively to renew your application for another 6 months. You will receive an e-mail in this regard at the end of the 6 months