Designing a future-proof IT architecture

How to boost digital sales and CX with cloud tech, pace layered architecture and agile headless platforms.

The IT architecture for the future in digital B2B/B2C commerce

An IT architecture is a must, if you want to boost your digital sales and meet your customers’ ever-growing demands. The IT architecture is all about supporting the foundation of your business – but how do you secure an IT landscape that is dynamic enough to follow the rapid change in business, marketing, and user demands?

Our two experts, Peter Sølling and Torsten Boye, combine trends and best practices within digital commerce and show you, how this affects the requirements of your IT architecture. You will get the answer to:

  • How to capitalize on IT architecture to accelerate your sales and support your business strategy using Azure Cloud technologies, microservice, and a headless approach
  • How you ensure that your business accommodates growing market trends and customer expectations.
  • Which principles and guidelines that are essential to pursue when designing the digital architecture of your business.
  • Why an effective IT architecture is a must, and how it is a primary part of the digital transformation.
  • How the IT architecture has helped best-in-class cases to generate digital sales.

All this will be supported with examples from serval of Denmark’s leading B2B and B2C businesses.

This webinar will be held in Danish and will last approx. 45 minutes.

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Please note: Other agencies will not be permitted to download or watch the webinar. Thank you for understanding.


Peter Fynboe Sølling | IMPACT Team

More than +10 years of experience has made Peter one of the best in Denmark to build bridges between companies and technologies. He has an appetite for delivering sublime experiences, which are built on solid IT strategy and architecture. Peter has worked with digital transformations of multiple well-known companies such as and HAY.


More than +25 years of experience with software development, solutions and projects in both Denmark and USA, Torsten knows how to use high-quality solutions. His experience comes from many solutions for organisations such as B&O, Velux, TDC, Home, Louis Poulsen and a large number of Danish public organisations.