Create a clear strategy for your self-checkout solution

Learn what to be aware of when creating a self-checkout solution


Retailers and brands – especially in the Fashion Industry – start to use self-checkout.But what does it take to create a solid solution? Karoline Lotz Jonassen, E-business Consultant, IMPACT, will guide to through the most important steps.

Karoline Lotz Jonassen has travelled to London to investigate the future of transaction and how retailers and brands use self-checkout.

self-service checkout

There are especially two ways of executing self-checkout in retail – mobile self-checkout and self-checkout counters – both are a part of the rising consumer trend about self-service.

Self-checkout counters are the ones I use to in my local supermarket with – as the name suggests – a counter.

Whereas mobile self-checkout is also known as scan-and-go.


Self-checkout counters and mobile

Whether it is mobile or counters your organisation needs to be aware of  ‘Why’ in doing self-checkout. Is it to save resources, to increase personalisation or to offer extra service to your customers?

At the same time, you need to take into consideration how your stores look like. Check-out counters are especially relevant in-store where you see a high footfall and tendencies to long lines at the cashier.

The new solution using RFID is especially relevant where customers buy several items as this is really where they can save time.

Self-checkout cannot be a stand-alone

Self-check-out cannot stand alone as the only possibility of transaction. Especially not in stores where some customers are buying their whole Christmas dinner and thereby have huge carts they need to scan. These customers will most likely enjoy going to a classic check-out counter.

Make getting help easy

Second of all, you have to make getting help easy. Every time there’s “An unknown item” on the counter or the app doesn’t work the help needs to be there immediately, otherwise, it will create a bad customer experience.

A good rule of thumb in regard to self-checkout is that it works as long as it is faster than the regular checkout. If it is not – don’t do it.

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Karoline Lotz Jonassen, E-Business Assistant, IMPACT