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Collect and store all customer data in one single platform and unlock your growth potential by communicating in a better, more personal, and relevant way.

In today’s world, customers have more options than ever before, and with just a click, they can easily switch to other alternatives. This makes it increasingly challenging for businesses to attain genuine customer loyalty.

To thrive in this highly competitive business environment, retailers must change their way of working and replace their traditional models with automatic, data-driven setups. To become a successful retailer in today’s business landscape, you need to do three things:

Leverage data

to understand your customers

Utilise AI

to identify and act on trends

Use insights

to personalise each touch point

With Voyado’s Customer Experience Cloud you can remain data-driven throughout the entire customer’s lifecycle and continuously deliver personalised journeys that your customers will love. Moreover, the setup equips you with AI and automation to handle the monotonous work, allowing your marketing team to shift their priorities to more important, strategic tasks instead.

You can attract new customers for sustainable growth, convert visitors to buying customers through seamless and relevant shopping experiences, and retain loyal, long-term customer relationships that provide high customer lifetime value.  

By engaging your customers, elevating their experiences, and evolving your brand across all channels, Voyado helps you stay ahead of the competition. 

With Voyado's solution, we are able to quickly and efficiently execute our omnichannel strategies and boost store sales. We decided to invest in Voyado because of their strong integration capabilities and focus on user experience. We were up and running with the POS integration in a few weeks and with the support of IMPACT, we continue to lay the foundation for data- and customer-centric experiences.

Brian Duus Retail Director, DK Company

Leverage the power of data and AI

Why settle for ordinary when extraordinary shopping journeys can captivate your customers and ensure their unwavering loyalty? 

Unlock the full potential of customer data, on-site shopping behaviors, and historical purchase information by harnessing the power of Voyado’s Engage and Elevate products. With advanced AI capabilities that decipher consumer intentions and possess in-depth product understanding, you can consistently deliver highly relevant experiences to every customer across all touchpoints. 

Voyado Engage, a dynamic multichannel marketing platform, empowers you with actionable first-party customer data and campaign tools, enabling personalised experiences across all channels.  

Refine your e-commerce site with hyper-relevant experiences for each visitor using Voyado Elevate, an AI-powered product discovery engine that goes beyond understanding. It truly comprehends your products, predicts micro trends and visitor intentions, and seamlessly integrates with other products in your tech stack, minimising friction with a unified solution for search, navigation, and recommendations. 

Let’s take your shopping experiences to new heights.  

Voyado has got you covered when it comes to:

Marketing Automation

Design exceptional customer journeys and send messages to the right people, at the right time – all automated. Almost like adding an extra super-speedy team member to your marketing department!  

The setup enables you to acquire, retain, and grow your customer, and thereby boost e-com and retail sales, without increasing the workload. Is that what you call a win-win? 

Customer Data Platform

The customer data platform (CDP) is the heart of Voyado. It enables you to get an insight into who your best customers are – and to whom you need to give a little extra love!  

It’s where you collect and store all the data on your customers, so you can understand them better, predict behaviour, segment in real-time, and deliver personalised and relevant experiences that are tailored to each customer. 

Loyalty & Retention

It’s no secret that it’s way more cost-effective to keep existing customer than to attract and acquire new customers. In fact, acquiring a new customer is five times more expensive than retaining an existing one!  

Voyado can help you handle everything that has to do with your loyalty program: rewards, gamification, and membership levels, to make sure your customers come back, again and again. This enables you to build stronger customer relationships, improve upselling and cross-selling, and increase sales both online and in-store.  

Campaign Management

Say goodbye to generic communication that goes unnoticed and say hello to dynamic and hyper-segmented brand experiences that truly resonate with your audience.  

With Voyado’s campaign management platform you can create, send, test, and optimise your communication, ensuring that it truly captivates and engages your audience. The tool enables you to reach the right audience with Google and Facebook Lookalikes, and conduct A/B tests to explore what content actually works. No more one-size-fits-all approach – it’s time to tailor your content to perfection! 

Insights & Reports

Imagine having tailored reports at your fingertips, providing you with a comprehensive overview of everything from email performance to how well you’re doing on recruiting. With Voyado’s Retail Analytics, you’ll get in-depth details about customer behavior and performance based on data and results. 

This enables you to analyse what works and what needs improvement so that you can optimise your practices and increase sales both online and in-store. No more shooting in the dark – it’s time to make every marketing decision count. 

We have seen a great demand for Voyado in the market, and their dedicated focus on commerce makes our partnership a great match. Retailers today realise that the key to growth and loyalty is to create strong and unified customer experiences. With Voyado’s Customer Experience Cloud that offers a complete solution for customer acquisition, conversion and retention, we will be able to transform many retail businesses to drive growth.

Anders Stentebjerg Partnership Director at IMPACT

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