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Salesforce OMS

Salesforce OMS empowers businesses with end-to-end order management capabilities. Increase efficiency, optimise inventory, and deliver exceptional customer experiences

Say Hello to seamless Order Management

Are you looking to create a thriving unified commerce setup that delights your customers, partners, and drives business success? Look no further! Salesforce’s Order Management System is the solution you need to establish a seamless and high-performing unified commerce environment, that enables you to deliver extraordinary omni-experiences. 

Say goodbye to manual order processing, cumbersome spreadsheets, and time-consuming tasks. With Salesforce OMS, you can automate and optimise your order workflows, allowing your team to focus on what truly matters – providing exceptional service to your customers. 

With Salesforce Order Management, your business will be future-ready! Whether you're looking to engage new channels, enter new markets, or craft innovative online and offline experiences, Salesforce OMS empowers you with the capabilities to effortlessly configure and build your future shopping and customer experiences.

Anders Wedendahl

5 benefits of salesforce oms

1. Omnichannel excellence

With Salesforce Order Management, you can take control of your entire order lifecycle from start to finish. From order creation and inventory management to fulfilment and customer support, Salesforce OMS seamlessly integrates with your existing Salesforce ecosystem across multiple channels. This enables you to deliver a consistent brand experience across online, mobile, and in-store touchpoints. Break down silos, unify your operations, and create a unified commerce ecosystem that sets you apart from the competition. 

2. Lower costs

Salesforce’s advanced OMS utilises automation and AI to help determine the best cost-saving workflows. It helps eliminate unnecessary expenditures, minimise errors, and optimise inventory management. By gaining real-time visibility into your supply chain, you can make informed decisions, reduce waste, and drive significant cost savings. 

3. Exceptional customer experiences

We believe that every customer interaction is an opportunity to create magic. Salesforce OMS offers various engagement options, from self-service capabilities to easy order status tracking and on-the-fly order changes. Imagine the convenience of changing the delivery option right after checkout—Salesforce OMS simplifies the complexity of customer interactions, enhancing their satisfaction and loyalty. 

4. Inventory accuracy and efficiency

Salesforce OMS’ intelligent system automates critical tasks, ensuring accurate order processing and reducing fulfilment time. With Omnichannel Inventory (OCI) connected to OMS, you can eliminate dead inventory, efficiently run campaigns on high-margin items, and ensure you deliver on the customer experience and promise you’ve set. Moreover, the powerful Flow Builder enables you to configure the “rules of engagement,” giving you the flexibility to easily adapt and change your fulfillment flows to meet both your current and future needs. 

5. Scale faster, better, and safer

Expand your reach and accelerate growth with Salesforce OMS’s purpose-built fulfillment capabilities and order orchestration. Engage new channels and partnerships seamlessly, whether it’s starting drop shipping in new countries, collaborating with new third parties, or connecting additional warehouses to fulfill and deliver your products or services. Salesforce OMS equips you to scale faster, better, and safer. 



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