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Looking for your next Product Information Management (PIM) system?  

If you want to incorporate product data management into your commerce processes (and which retailer wouldn’t these days), you’ll need a reliable PIM. 

Choosing the right PIM does more than just tidy up your product management. It unlocks commerce growth too. Fortunately, our PIM experts at IMPACT can help you make the best PIM choice for your organisation’s needs.


Akeneo is a global leader in Product Experience Management (PXM) – PIM –  It helps businesses grow bigger, faster, by delivering a high quality, consistent product experience to customers across your most important channels; from eCommerce and mobile, to print and points of sale. 

We love recommending Akeneo for its open platform, leading PIM, helpful add-ons, API-based connectors to leading eCommerce platforms (like Salesforce) and feeds to thousands of marketplaces.

The top 3 results our clients report after implementing Akeneo PIM: 

  1. Dramatically improved product data quality and accuracy
  2. Simpler catalogue management
  3. Faster, more straightforward sharing of product information across channels and locations
Here’s why you might need a new PIM in 2023

Are you looking to gain a competitive edge in your industry? The right PIM solution might be the key you’re looking for to enhance your business performance and success. From expanding assortments to be better positioned in tender processes, to providing richer information on top-performing products, or optimising your top sellers and increasing their appeal, here are 4 reasons to upgrade your PIM.

  1. So much of your business is based on harnessing your product information and master data. Next-level PIMs boost your bandwidth and allow you to break down those damaging product information siloes. 
  2. Utilise a modern PIM solution to expand your assortments – which makes it simpler to position yourself positively in tender processes 
  3. You can’t grow if you’re held back by insufficient or thin data. Gain richer information on your top-performing products with a PIM that can provide you with all the details.  
  4. Old-style PIMs could be holding you back from scaling up. Modern solutions don’t have this problem, instead, they allow you to identify and optimise your top sellers and increase their appeal to your customers.

Akeneo is an ideal solution for companies looking to keep up with upswings in customer demand and increased assortment size. With its simple data model, intuitive UI, scalability and member in the MACH Alliance, Akeneo is the perfect PIM for growing businesses.

Anders StentebjergPartnership Director at IMPACT
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The use of product data and PIM systems is up from 64% in 2020 to 86% in 2022. – IMPACT Omnichannel Index, 2022.


Say hello to more efficient data management: How many product data sources do you have? Akeneo removes the chaos of keeping track with an intuitive central hub for storing every piece of product information you own. Yes every piece. That includes technical specifications, usage data and media files. Having a single source of truth for all your product information is great news for your product data quality and accuracy and your team’s efficiency.

Grow digital sales: Akeneo PIM provides the scalable infrastructure you need to cost-effectively expand your product assortments, reach more markets, take advantage of new sales channels and deliver incredible product experiences wherever your customers shop. 

Make omnichannel a reality: Looking for a PIM to support your omnichannel initiatives? Akeneo is a solid bet. Use it to unify consistent, accurate and high-quality product experiences in your customers’ favourite channels. From this base, it’s possible to drive better customer experiences, increase sales, reduce time-to-market, accelerate global expansion, and uplift team productivity.  

Build customer trust: Today’s consumers demand more of retailers and brands. Meet their expectations by making sure they only see high quality, accurate product data, wherever they’re seeing it. A bonus is the reduced returns you’ll enjoy – up to 40% – thanks to your complete, correct product information.  

Speed up your time-to-market: Omnichannel retailers have to deliver to more channels, languages and regions than ever before. And more rapidly, too. Akeno PIM can help you boost efficiency and productivity to get products to the right channels, in your desired format, faster.

Your PIM is a core component in your enterprise – and it is essential that you can trust it to be high-performing, user friendly and scalable. Picking Akeneo provides that best-of-breed, focused, innovative system that enables reliable time-to-market and the ability to expand your product offering and business.

Sivert Kjøller BertelsenConsulting Director PIM/MDM @ IMPACT


1. Flexible
Akeneo PIM provides flexible enrichment capabilities, powerful automation and actionable insights for building and enriching contextualised product catalogues. Rapidly integrate and synchronise product information in Akeneo PXM Studio for use with any eCommerce platform. 

2. Seamless
Collaborate without friction to quickly deliver compelling product experiences – whichever channel you’re operating on. 

3. Collaborative
Strengthen your relationships with external suppliers by empowering them via Akeneo PIM’s secure and intuitive collaboration portal. 

4. Faster growth
Up your sales conversion rates while reducing return rates across channels. 

5. Developer-friendly
Akeneo PIM uses a robust, open and cloud-based platform that provides rich REST and Events APIs for developers to extend and connect your product catalogue. 

Product information is the keystone of eCommerce, and the key to delivering exceptional customer experiences. We look forward to working with IMPACT to solve our joint customers’ challenges in product information management and help them achieve multichannel commerce growth.

Tobias SchlotterVP Global Channels & Alliances @ Akeneo
  • We have years of in-depth experience consulting on and implementing PIM and master data 
  • We offer 30+ PIM implementations within retail, wholesale and manufacturing  
  • 15+ developers and consultants with dedicated PIM experience to advise you  
  • Access to a dedicated project team throughout the project lifecycle to ensure efficient planning, execution and continued PIM success 
  • One point of contact. You’ll have your personal end-to-end business consultant on call to for your business to deliver strategic sparring and quality assurance  
  • We set up KPIs for each department to make sure your return of investment is visible and clearly demonstrate how PIM creates organisational value for your stakeholders  
  • It doesn’t end at the end. Our custom service agreements ensure you continue receiving the necessary support after the project launch.


  • Formulating a vision and digital transformation that will win support in your organization and transform the way you go to market with products 
  • Materializing new ways of working through system demoes and prototypes 
  • Implementing, integrating and leveraging the PIM to reach your goals 

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