Lifestyle retailer chooses IMPACT for global unified commerce

Fashion brand Zizzi has completed the first phase of its business transformation with a staggering 400% increase in profit in just five years. With a fresh new brand proposition and the most advanced Salesforce commerce solution in Europe, the company provides a truly personalised unified commerce experience. Now, Zizzi is ready to level up, and at IMPACT we’re proud to support them in their ambitious endeavour.  

Zizzi is a market leader in plus-size women’s fashion. With roots dating back to 1988, the company is a true pioneer in the inclusive fashion industry, and today it operates more than 115 stores, ships products to 20+ markets and employs close to 500 people.  

Transformation and turnaround 

In 2017, Zizzi laid the foundation for a business transformation that had superior customer experience and digitisation at its heart. The desired output? To become the best lifestyle retailer in Denmark and provide impeccable cross-channel brand experiences.  

When the 2021 results came out, it was clear this strategy hadn’t just worked. It had triumphed. In just five years, Zizzi’s turnover rose by 86% to 732 million DKK and the results skyrocketed by 400% to 80 million DKK 


But there’s more to the story than turning up the numbers, as Zizzi’s CEO explains:

It is essential to highlight that we’re not just talking about a successful turnaround, but about an extensive transformation of the company based on increased digitisation, and the wish of creating a winner position in the market.

Kuno Kildetoft MehlsenCEO at Zizzi
Personalised experiences on every channel 

In 2021, nearly 70% of Zizzi’s revenue came from digital sales on its omnichannel platform. Now it has clear ambitions to grow further in digital by providing even better customer experiences across all channels.  


Our digital transformation has enabled us to ensure one view of the customer, across e-commerce, retail and customer service. This means customers will receive better product recommendations online. Our in-store staff can assist customers based on their sizing preferences. And our customer service will instantly know the customer’s purchasing history. This is going to be a game-changer for our customer experience, explains Kuno Kildetoft Mehlsen. 

Besides enhancing the customer experience, the unified view of the customer is also expected to drive significant improvements to the return on investment of Zizzi’s marketing and loyalty efforts.  

The most advanced Salesforce stack to date  

Behind Zizzi’s customer-centric transformation is likely the most advanced suite of Salesforce products installed in Europe – or even globally.  

Zizzi has taken a bold and forward-looking approach to their IT architecture by going all-in on Salesforce. Today, they’re harnessing the benefits of having sky-high digital ambitions. By combining Commerce Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Interaction Studio, Zizzi has become one of the first cases in the world to achieve a true Salesforce 360-setup.

Lars CimberDirector for Cloud Commerce and Salesforce at IMPACT

In particular, the implementation of Interaction Studio for product recommendations powered by artificial intelligence is a global innovation. As a recent addition to the Salesforce family, only a handful of companies have successfully deployed Interaction Studio in a cross-cloud solution. The result for Zizzi and end-customers is real-time personalisation at any digital touchpoint. 

Growth and innovation ahead  

Now, with the first phase of the company’s transformation completed, and the launch of a new global digital platform, Zizzi is adding more fuel to its European growth train. 

“We believe that with the strategy in place, a radically improved digital setup and a strong partner in IMPACT, we’re ready to scale our business in Europe. We expect annual growth rates of 2025%, which means we’ll effectively double the company in size by 2025,” concludes Kuno Kildetoft Mehlsen. 

Soon, the Salesforce Customer Data Platform will be added to the technology landscape, enabling an even more comprehensive overview of customers. This will be accompanied by Datorama, Salesforce’s AI-powered marketing intelligence tool.  

And the innovation doesn’t end there. IMPACT and Zizzi are also collaborating on designing the future retail experience, which includes installing endless aisles, digital signage and augmenting the customer experience with mobile POS-leaders Sitoo, along with making clienteling seamless with a new mobile app experience. These are just some of the pioneering initiatives going on in the digital-physical space enabled by the new Salesforce solution.  


It’s rare to meet a company that sets forth such a clear vision and is ready to draw up a strategy and put money behind it to achieve it. It’s been one heck of a ride, and the entire team at IMPACT is extremely proud to have played a part in Zizzi’s transformation”, ends Lars Cimber. 

Want more insights on our project with Zizzi?

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