Why your next
e-commerce platform should be headless

A master class in headless architecture

Prepare your platform and commerce for the future

Most e-commerce companies don’t go for a headless architecture to begin with. But almost all of them end up choosing headless for their future platform. Why? Get all the good reasons + see great cases in this 40-minute webinar.

When it comes to flexibility, scalability and preparing your business for the future, the headless approach to CMS and commerce has several benefits over the traditional, monolithic CMS. In fact, a majority of new omnichannel/e-commerce platforms are built on a headless CMS.

That is why two of our experts will take a deep-dive into headless CMS and commerce to show you what it all about.

In 40 minutes you will:

  • Get an overview of when and why headless CMS is a good choice (and when it’s not)
  • See how to combine headless and microservices to create an app-like customer experience
  • Learn from success cases, where headless has been key to business development and online performance.


Niels Bjørndal Nygaard is Senior Solution Consultant at IMPACT
Niels Nygaard, Senior Solution Consultant, IMPACT

Niels has been working within the digital sphere for the past 13 years within areas, such as business development, project management, general management and architectural planning. His previous experience comes from both the open source and the proprietary part of the industry, which provides a broad perspective to any project or client. Niels has worked with both public and private clients across sectors.

Mathias Helmuth Pedersen is Frontend Experience Specialist at IMPACT
Mathias Helmuth Pedersen, Frontend Experience Specialist, IMPACT

Mathias has a passion for web development, UX and design. Coming from an education in digital interaction design combined with 6 years of web development experience, he works across fields and competencies to implement projects with great user experience and attention to detail, and focuses on optimising how we use tech to create better experiences on the web. Mathias has worked with clients like Montana, Kaufmann and Capture One.


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