Welcoming our new Business Development Director

Mads Heindorff joins IMPACT Commerce as our new Business Development Director to enhance transformation processes for both B2C and B2B clients across borders.

We’re excited to announce that we’re welcoming Mads Heindorff as our new Business Development Director to enhance transformation processes for both B2C and B2B clients.  

Mads brings with him 15 years of experience in management consulting, having worked with esteemed firms such as PA Consulting, Implement, and EY, and served as Commercial Strategy Director for Experian for a five-year period. 

Throughout his professional career, Mads has gained substaintial experience in large-scale transformation processes across borders – and it’s in this domain that he aims to contribute to our clients.  

To effectively develop transformation processes for clients, it's all about creating tangible changes that can turn a business around. There needs to be action behind every word, and in that process, we must support the scaling that is often underway with the client, thereby strengthening their overall results – whether operating in the B2C or B2B segment.

Mads HeindorffBusiness Development Director at IMPACT Commerce

Why IMPACT Commerce?

Leading up to his appointment, several elements of IMPACT Commerce appealed to Mads.  

“Anyone in this industry has noticed that IMPACT Commerce has achieved impressive results. What particularly appeals to me is their in-depth knowledge of what they do. This ensures high-quality solutions and ensures that clients get value for their money. At the same time, they prioritise future tech solutions, especially AI, in everything they do. The combination of all these factors makes them a success, and I want to be a part of it,” Mads highlights.  

According to our CEO, Kasper Holst, the hiring of our new Business Development Director will play a crucial role in the overall business of IMPACT Commerce.  

“The commerce market is evolving rapidly right now, and the importance of having a strong and seamless omnichannel setup is becoming increasingly crucial for companies every day. Customer purchasing needs and habits are constantly changing, and in that context, we must always be able to field the absolutely strongest team. Mads and his overall talent will elevate the competency level at IMPACT Commerce, and I am confident that his experience will provide clients with even better and more growth-oriented solutions,” Kasper says.  

Is your business facing a transformation?

Reach out to Mads. He’s ready to offer his expertise.