The store is your differentiator

What does the future of retail experiences look like, and how can you use your store as a differentiator?

How do you keep your physical stores relevant to your customers in a world that’s increasingly turning digital? In this webinar, we’ll share insights into how to leverage your offline channels and create powerful shopping experiences by unifying your physical and digital channels.

Today’s customers are ever-demanding: They expect seamless shopping experiences across channels, and they expect services that are highly personalised and tailored to them. From customised in-store experiences over click-and-collect to same-day delivery.

In times when most shopping takes place online, offline channels have become critical in delivering that extra something. That’s why it’s never been more important for retailers to be able to connect their physical and digital channels.

In this 45-minute webinar, you’ll get insights into the importance and great potential of:

  • Click & collect and curb side pick-up
  • Dark stores for lightning-fast delivery
  • Ship from store
  • OMS and Inventory Management


The webinar is in English and brought to you by two of our sharpest brains within unified commerce and future store experiences; Anders Wedendahl and Karoline Lotz Jonassen.



Anders Wedendahl er Senior Solution Consultant  og skaber gode købsoplevelser i IMPACT
Anders Wedendahl, Senior Solution Consultant & Practice Lead at IMPACT

Anders is our Senior Solution Consultant & Practice Lead for OMS and POS. In relatable terms, that means he’s a living encyclopedia when it comes to future trends and technologies in retail. He has a great passion for developing customer experiences that go beyond what’s expected and what has been seen before, and then he’s one of the founders of our in-house IMPACT Demo Store.

Karoline Lotz Jonassen, E-Business Assistant, IMPACT
Karoline Lotz Jonassen, Future Commerce Lead at IMPACT

Karoline helps develop our clients’ digital commerce strategies, concepts, and roadmaps. She’s all-in on all things digital and possesses immense knowledge about trends and emerging technologies within the digital commerce space. She’s a valued contributor to our yearly Omnichannel Index, where she shares insights about global brands’ usage of mobile devices in their commerce offerings.