What is the state of Norwegian omnichannel?

The 71 biggest omnichannel companies in Norway against biggest Swedish and Danish companies.
Get all the insights in this special online event.

11 February at 09.00

Amazon is here, but are Norwegian companies ready to compete? How do they perform in terms of providing a great omnichannel customer experience? We have the answers. Get it all in this online event featuring Eirik Melle from Danske Bank.

Based on the biggest omnichannel survey in Scandinavia with 253 companies from 10 industries investigated across 51 online and in-store touchpoints, we will dive into the characteristics of the winners and laggards in Norway and Scandinavia.

What does it take to become a leading omnichannel player?

programme for the event
  • Economic performance and future forecast in retail by Eirik Melle from Danske Bank
  • Revealing the biggest gaps between customers’ expectations and Norwegian companies’ services
  • Improvements and initiatives that drive growth
  • Cases: How CDP and personalisation lifted revenue in Skoringen and Bauhaus
  • Case: The importance of data transparency in successful omnichannel. See how Rituals does it
  • Q&A with the speakers

Watch the webinar here

Please note: Other agencies are unfortunately not authorised to participate and will be signed of automatically.


Kasper Holst, CEO of IMPACT
Kasper Holst, CEO, IMPACT

Kasper Holst is CEO of IMPACT and an expert in go2market, commerce and digital strategy. For more than 20 years, he has helped retailers, brands and B2B companies create growth – among others Sennheiser, HAY, Bestseller, Imerco. Kasper’s affinity for omnichannel strategy, passion for creating the best possible buying experiences, and up-to-date knowledge in local and international B2C/B2B makes him a clear choice when searching for sources of insight in growth and digital.

Eirik Melle, Danske Bank
Eirik Melle, Senior Analyst - Industry Insight, Danske Bank

With 7+ years of experience from Danske Bank, Eirik Melle is an expert when it comes to providing financial industry insights. He is an experienced equity analyst with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Eirik knows what it means to compare financial insights to pure omnichannel performance and is an expert of applying that to the Norwegian market.

Kenneth Boll, CEP of Raptor
Kenneth Boll, CEO of Raptor

Kenneth Boll is CEO of Raptor Services and has more than 5+ years of experience in activating customer data to build brand loyalty.

He has been a tech executive for more than 20 years and has extensive experience with Norwegian business culture.

Kenneth can help you facilitate omnichannel personalization in B2B and B2C and provide valuable insights on increasing your Customer Lifetime Value.

Jens Olivarius, CMO of Stibo Systems
Jens Olivarius, CMO of Stibo Systems

Jens Olivarius is CMO of Stibo System. He has more than 25 years of experience in B2B marketing, sales management and business development within the IT industry.
His passion is leveraging marketing spend towards results, optimize marketing budgets and improve brand recognition and lead conversion.

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