Data flow: From supplier
to customer

How to make data flow efficiently

This is the second webinar in a series of master data webinars.

solid product data with stibo systems

IMPACT’s Omnichannel Index shows that 88% of companies are failing when it comes to creating a convincing value proposition on their product pages.

Solid product data, including multiple images and videos, tempting product descriptions, technical specifications, links to other supplementary or similar products, is a must. But all too often, it takes far too long to create.

In this 30-minute webinar, Stibo Systems will share with us how product data syndication (PDS) is the way to go if you, as a retailer or wholesaler, want to improve the cooperation with your suppliers, or if you, as a supplier, want to get your products to the market faster by being able to deliver your product information to distributors and retailers in a smooth way with minimal effort.

In just 30 minutes, you will get introduced to the world of product data syndication and digital catalogues and learn how:

  • You, as a manufacturer, can deliver images and information about your product to your customers (retailers, wholesalers, marketplaces) in the format that the interested parties can easily consume – through automated transfers and/or self-service downloads
  • You, as a retailer, can get ahold of high-quality, solid product data in the exact format that you need for all your channels without having to familiarise yourself with yet another system
  • You, as a wholesaler, can benefit from both options – receiving and sending product information in the right format, fast and without all the manual workload that often comes with the exchange of product data

This webinar includes a high-level demo of the entire product data flow – from supplier to wholesaler to retailer.

Good to know: you don’t need to have Stibo Systems MDM platform to make this all work. The PDS cloud-based tool can be integrated with any PIM or other system.

stibo systems
Søren Lundtoft

Søren Lundtoft is Technical Product Manager at Stibo Systems with a background in IT Product Development combined with UX.

Anne-marie Gebbink is senior master data consultant at IMPACT PIM
Anne-Marie Gebbink

Anne-Marie has more than 20 years of experience with master data and project management. Before starting at IMPACT, she worked for 18 years at Stibo Systems, so she knows (almost) all the ins and outs of Stibo Systems STEP system and has worked with many multinational brands. Anne-Marie also has a background in marketing, so she can easily put herself into the shoes of customers when it comes to marketing processes around product data.

Watch the webinar here

Please note: Other agencies are not authorised to participate and will not have access to this webinar.