Salesforce chooses IMPACT as B2B partner

Salesforce chooses IMPACT as 1 of 8 global partners

The tech giant, Salesforce, has selected IMPACT as the first Nordic partner for their new B2B Commerce Cloud Quick Start Packages, where companies can get an industry-leading B2B Commerce Platform set up in as little as 5 or 12 weeks.

Fixed price, fixed scope, fixed implementation time. And an ultra-short contract-bound period of one-year.

This is the essence of the new B2B Quick Start packages, for which the US tech frontrunner, Salesforce, has chosen IMPACT as the first Nordic implementation partner.

The packages are tailored to help more B2B companies easily and quickly digitise and modernise their sales after COVID-19 with minimal risk.

Only 8 digital consultancies worldwide have been selected by Salesforce.

IMPACT is one of our leading partners in B2B and is the force behind a number of successful implementations, all of which have been delivered on time and on budget. With large, complex B2B projects, this can be a challenge for many

Rasmus MenckeResponsible for Salesforce Product Strategy in the Nordics

Designed to reduce risk – up and running in 5 weeks

The B2B Quick Start packages from Salesforce are designed to be a risk-free and inexpensive way for B2B businesses to digitally transform themselves, get started quickly, and focus a little more on speed than perfection. Particularly due to COVID-19, price, short contractual obligations, and lightning-fast time-to-market are of utmost importance.

In either 5 or 12 weeks, B2B companies can be fully up and running. The price is between USD 99,000 and USD 195,000 depending on how many integrations with other systems are desired.

“We have received good feedback so far, because many e.g. manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors after COVID-19 are looking to start selling digitally and increase their cash flow. The Quick Start package’s standardised content and price, as well as short contractually-bound period make it easier for B2B companies to take the leap,” Rasmus Mencke explains.

Salesforce at the top of B2B commerce in Forrester Wave

Salesforce is one of the leading cloud-based CRM, commerce and marketing providers in the world.

This was recently highlighted when Forrester Wave recognised Salesforce as the market-leader in B2B Commerce – even above other tech giants such as Oracle, Adobe and SAP.

Salesforce er B2B Commerce market lead ifølge Forrester Wave

Built specifically for B2B. Not a remodelled B2C solution

Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud has risen to fame because it is built with a clear B2B focus.

Furthermore, the platform is packed with features unmatched by other CRM softwares; including features such as contact management, workflow creation, task management, opportunity tracking, collaboration tools, customer engagement tools, analytics, and an intuitive, mobile-friendly dashboard.

It is also thoroughly tested and filled with “out of the box” features.

Benefits of note in Salesforce’s full B2B Commerce Cloud platform:

  • A very simple platform and database for CRM and commerce
  • A 360° view of the customer
  • Globally scalable; secure, integrated infrastructure
  • Built-in multi-site, multi-language, multi-currency capabilities
  • A strong mobile user experience
  • Robust pricing engine and user-friendly content management

Pleased with the selection

At IMPACT, we are of course pleased to be among the only 8 globally selected partners for Salesforce’s new initiative, which is a natural extension of the immense focus we have placed on our Salesforce projects.

We have invested a lot in becoming one of the leading Salesforce implementation partners, and we have made many strong solutions together, all of which are delivered within deadline and within budget. So, of course, we are happy and proud to be among only 8 global partners to implement the new initiative

Michael Wiatr er Director, Business Consulting i IMPACT
Michael WiatrHead of Salesforce Technologies, IMPACT

Would you like to know more?

Then contact Troels. He would be happy to tell you much more about Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud Quick Start packages.

Troels Haugstrup | IMPACT Team