Understanding the post-COVID customer

Bytes of IMPACT: How to adapt to your customers' changed behaviour and new digital needs.
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Understanding the post-COVID customer

Even at this stage of the crisis, we have seen a change in consumer needs and behaviour. Most physical stores have closed, and the government has urged everyone to keep social distance. This has affected the customers’ digital needs and demands for flexible delivery methods. But what characterises today’s customers? And what do their behavioural changes mean to businesses?

At this Bytes of IMPACT, this is exactly what we will reveal. Via a qualitative study, we have investigated customers’ shopping habits and interviewed them regarding their behavioural changes following COVID-19. Based on this information, we will present you with an overview of the customer that you will encounter from now and possibly well into the future.

During this webinar, we will look at:

  • How the crisis has changed customer behaviour
  • What characterizes todays customer
  • How the new behavior affects businesses
  • How some businesses have succeeded in meeting post-COVID-19 customers’ needs

The webinar will be held in Danish and is held in collaboration with Sitecore.


Simon Lange | IMPACT Team
Simon Lange, Head of UX & Design

Simon has more than 15 years of experience with UX design and transforming customer insights into brand and commerce results across channels. Besides several years of experience at TDC, he is a jury member of the Danish Digital Awards.

Watch the webinar here

Please note: Other agencies will not be permitted to download or watch the webinar. Thank you for understanding.