Personalised site search: How to increase sales and performance

How to increase conversion rate with site search.
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Meet customer needs effectively

Done right, site search will positively affect the customer experience, including improving navigation, discoverability, perceived speed & conversion rate.

Forrester Research found that 43% of website visitors go immediately to a search box, and searchers are 2-3 times more likely to convert.

However, it’s often overlooked by companies that site search is a very impactful way to promote the products and content that most effectively meets the needs of your customer AND your business objectives.

But not anymore. When you’ve seen this webinar, you will know where and why to focus.

In this 40-minute Bytes of IMPACT webinar, our Search & Performance Specialist, Henrik Gedionsen, will show you:

  • The best way to approach and build a personalised site search and increase performance
  • Why certain normal site search factors like “popularity” is not always best practice
  • Great B2B and B2C cases where site search plays a crucial role for performance and conversion rate
Henrik Gedionsen | IMPACT Team
Speaker: Henrik Gedionsen, Search & Performance Specialist at IMPACT

Henrik has for the last 6 years specialized in the search part of E-commerce solutions, architecting and designing them as the integrated part of the solution it is. Before specializing, he was tech lead on several diamond cases, so he knows the ins and outs of E-commerce solutions and efficient site search architecture.

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Please note: Other agencies can not participate and will be signed off automatically.