and IMPACT win gold once more

Collaboration awarded gold

IMPACT and won gold for the app in the “Commerce” category at the Danish Digital Awards.

For the second year in a row, and IMPACT could enter the stage as gold winners at the Danish Digital Awards. This time, they won the prize for the app in the “Commerce” category. The “Commerce” category focuses on digital customer journeys and how companies have improved the digital buying experience. and IMPACT have done this by making an app that is easy to use and gives users a personalized buying experience.

The fact that it was and IMPACT that won gold, is justified on the Danish Digital Awards website with the following explanation:

With their app, and IMPACT strive to make necessary everyday tasks easier for Danes. With an e-commerce solution integrated into the company's DNA, they have created a buying experience that delivers results. The users have spoken, and they love the app.

Since launched the new app in the summer of 2018, it has become part of many Danes’ everyday lives. In the past year, has grown by 25%, in large part due to the app. More than 17,000 users have rated the app in the App Store with a total score of 4.6 out of 5. This was something that the professional jury prioritized greatly.

Long-term collaboration rewarded

Last year, the collaboration between and IMPACT also received gold in the e-commerce category for’s web shop at the Danish Digital Awards and won first prize at the FDIH e-commerce Awards.

Ask Ullerup, who is Concept & Technology Director and Partner in IMPACT and has been a central part of the collaboration since kick-off in 2016, believes that the accumulation of these awards is mainly due to the close collaboration they experience.

“Our long-term collaboration fosters courage and innovation, and we have a well-functioning team with many different competencies such as design, UX, tech, and personalization experts. This means that we can create completely new solutions together. This is what this award really emphasizes,” Ask explains.

The jury, whose task it was to distribute the awards in this category, consisted of representatives from companies, such as Saxo Bank, Vestas, Thomas Cook Northern Europe, and, and won against Solar and Interflora.


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