9 mobile commerce trends in 2021: How did it go, and what's next?

How did mobile commerce change in 2021, and what's next?

Throughout 2021, we hosted a webinar series named ‘9 mobile trends in 2021’. The series looked into emerging trends and topics in the mCommerce space and took point of departure in a forecast stating that 7 out of 10 online sales would take place on mobile devices by the end of 2021.

In this final webinar of the series, we sum up our learnings and shed light on the trends that ended up taking off and those that didn’t.

During the next 50 minutes, you’ll get:

  • Mobile highlights of 2021.
  • Examples of trends and solutions that gained momentum; 365 commerce, mPos, and mobile retail apps for omnichannel
  • A brief look into what trends will shape 2022


We experienced technical issues during the webinar, so there’s a minor glitch in the on-demand version at 07:25. Feel free to either skip the 07:25-09:00-part or watch our speakers being human. 



Mina Ashna, Mobile Lead at IMPACT

Mina helps our present and future clients by delivering excellent and future-ready e-commerce tools. Mina is a curious and passionate app developer and is looking in to cutting edge technologies and offer the best technical and architectural solutions to clients based on their business and needs. Mina has +6years’ experience and has previous developed solutions Q8, Nykredit and Folketinget. 

karoline lotz johannesen er e-business consultant hos impact
Karoline Lotz Jonassen, E-Business Consultant at IMPACT

Karoline helps our clients develop their digital commerce strategy, concepts, and roadmaps to optimize their returns on investments. Karoline possesses a great interest in and knowledge of future trends and emerging technologies in the digital commerce space. She has advised our customers on how to succeed within mobile commerce, and to our IMPACT Omnichannel Index she, amongst others, contributed with insights to how global brands use mobile in their commerce offering. 

Lars Cimber IMPACT
Lars Cimber, Director of Cloud Commerce & Salesforce, IMPACT

Lars has +20 years of experiences within digital design, development and research. He loves to ideate, concept and create outstanding digital solutions – and has done it for among other TDC. Lars have been working with this from the early days of the mobile internet and to today’s cloud powered and data driven digital experiences. He is working with costumers from initial concept creation and strategy to quality implementations for apps, web, development tools, website technologies, digital commerce and OS features.