A masterclass in making the product page ideal as a landing page, and an integrated part of the user journey.

Webinar: The product page ideal as a landing page

Every customer wants a seamless buying experience that fits their behaviour and needs – whether they are B2B and B2C. At this webinar, we dig deep into one of the areas you can improve to ease the experience. Namely the product page. In this era of advertisement, the product page is often the beginning of a customer’s journey rather than being the last page before checkout.

The ideal product page supports the customers’ need for information and inspiration and supports their further journey on the site.

At this Bytes of IMPACT, we will investigate the product page from a UX perspective, give you hands-on advice you can implement right away and reveal the areas you should improve upon in the long term. We will look at:

  • The product page as an ideal landing page
  • Customers’ expectations for content on a product page
  • How you can increase sales through related products
  • Which CRO and UX optimisation actions you should prioritise in the long run
  • How to make the product page an integrated part of the user journey through “horizontal navigation”
  • The necessary processes and resources to create your future product page – and the benefits

This webinar will be held in English and will last approx. 45 minutes.


Thomas Storgaard Grønne | IMPACT Team
Thomas Storgaard Grønne, Senior User Experience Designer, IMPACT

Thomas is Senior UX Designer and E-Commerce Usability Expert with experience as lead for clients such as Nike, Dior, Etsy, Deutsche Telekom, Skechers, Hallmark, Bell, Paul Smith, Imerco, 3 Mobile and more. As UX Consultant he work with improving the user experiences and designing great solutions with the end user’s perspective and needs in mind.

Watch the webinar here

Please note: Other agencies will not be permitted to download or watch the webinar. Thank you for understanding.