10 ways to increase sales, now

Bytes of IMPACT: A practical approach to initiatives, tools and examples to drive growth and digital sales.

10 ways to increase sales, now

While some industries have had a challenging time during COVID-19, others have generated more sales than before.

The question is: Will your business continue to decrease/increase after the crisis? What exactly can you do to improve your e-commerce and thereby your growth?

At this webinar, two of our most experienced consultants will give you:

  • Tools to identify growth initiatives.
  • Concrete examples of what other companies have done to create growth in an online and offline context during the challenging times.
  • The initiatives focuses on site- and channel optimization in order to grow traffic, conversion and basket.

This webinar will be held ind English and will last approx. 45 minutes.


Signe Trock Hilstrøm er Director Business, Consulting i IMPACT

Signe has more than 15 years of experience in the FMCG sector for B2C and B2B. She has been a part of leading and growing several well-known Danish e-commerce companies as the Director of Coop.dk, Digital Director of Imerco, Commercial Director of Unisport, and Board member of Matas. Also, she has won the e-commerce price for the best large webshop with Coop.dk

Steffen Pilgaard Director, Business Consulting
Steffen Pilgaard, Director, Business Consulting, IMPACT

Steffen has +10 years of experience in strategy and implementation, which has provided him with an extensive toolbox to define strategy from its early phase until the transformation has taken place. Steffen’s expertise roots in his background as Group Vice President in Salling Group and consultant in Qvartz. 

Watch the webinar

Please note: Other agencies will not be permitted to download or watch the webinar. Thank you for understanding.