Accelerate your B2B digital sales

Bytes of IMPACT: How to win in B2B through personalised experiences and smart B2B commerce tactics.
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Accelerate your B2B digital sales

84 percent of your B2B peers observe that the top threat to their business is the increasing digital expectations of customers and partners. The shift towards digital in B2B has been dramatically accelerated by COVID-19. With B2B buyers being stuck at home while B2B sellers are determined to stay top-of-mind, a byproduct of the COVID-19 crisis has been a boost in the demand for digital sales and commerce. During this webinar, we will dig deeper into this challenging time.

Learn with best-in-class examples from three industry-leading experts with unique insights into select B2B cases from Scandinavia and abroad:

  • Dive into results from in-depth survey of B2B leaders – which investments and initiatives drive success?
  • How to meet customer expectations – inspiration from leading examples
  • How to enable your organisation with digital tools and use of smart data
  • How to deal with old IT systems and ensure progress with transition tactics
  • How to develop your B2B road map and change the mindset of your board/top management

This webinar will be held in English and is in collaboration with Episerver. The webinar will last approx. 45 minutes.


Kasper Holst, IMPACT CEO, Omnichannel event
Kasper Holst, CEO, IMPACT

Kasper Holst is CEO of IMPACT and an expert in go2market, commerce and digital strategy. For more than 20 years, he has helped retailers, brands and B2B companies create growth – among others Sennheiser, HAY, Bestseller, Imerco. Kasper’s affinity for omnichannel strategy, passion for creating the best possible buying experiences, and up-to-date knowledge in local and international B2C/B2B makes him a clear choice when searching for sources of insight in growth and digital.

Jacob Bartholdy,, Head of Sales Episerver
Jakob Bartholdy, Senior Digital Business Advisor, Episerver Denmark

Jakob has more than 10 years of experience within digital commerce. Since 2014 he has advised a great range of large Danish businesses, with the aim of fulfilling their digital ambitions. Jakob possess great knowledge gained from the Episerver global knowledge bank and is an expert at creating digital success through an exhaustive strategic roadmap.

Christian Agger is digital transformation expert
Christian Agger, Digital transformation expert

A true pioneer in B2B and digital transformation. Currently holding position a CDO at Telia and former VP Digital Satair, and CMO Saint-Gobain.
Christian have been the lead on several large scale transformations and proved success with use of big data.
6 times e-commerce award winner.