Ladies, Wine & Design
Shedding light on gender equality in Denmark

At IMPACT Commerce, we are committed to creating a workplace that fosters diversity, inclusion, and equal rights for all.  

Not just because we recognise that diverse teams drive greater innovation and possess a broader skills set, benefitting our organisation, but also because it is simply the right thing to do.  

That’s why we were both happy and proud to support women’s rights movement, Ladies, Wine & Design, by hosting their most recent event featuring the passionate and talented Cathrine Berendt, known as @kvindekenddinstat on Instagram, as she delved into the state of gender equality in Denmark.

A huge thank you to everyone who attended and engaged in this important conversation – together, we took one small step closer to equality.

Key takeaways

Bridging the knowledge gap

During the event, the keynote speaker, Cathrine Berendt, assessed the state of gender equality in Denmark – and it didn’t look good.  

Despite the fact that 58% of Danes believe that equality has already been achieved, Denmark only occupies 23rd place on the equality index from the World Economic Forum, leaving them far from Nordic neighbours in the top 5.  

Therefore, Cathrine Berendt has made it her vision to change this perception and educate people on what the state of gender equality actually is in Denmark. Because as Cathrine Berendt puts it: 

The first step in solving a problem is recognising that it exist.

Cathrine Berendt

So, at the event she debunked all the persistent myths surrounding gender equality in Denmark, sheedding light on the current state of equality with the support of relevant studies and statistics.  

This sparked a lot of great conversations, sharing of experiences, and ideas on how to move forward – and we definitely believe that all the attendees left a little bit more enlightened than when they arrived. At least we did. 

The movement


We’ve asked Harley, Chapter Leader of Ladies, Wine & Design in Copenhagen, to put a few words into what the movement is all about. This is what she told us:  

Ladies, Wine & Design - Copenhagen sees itself as a monthly fireplace, which creates a space for creatives to be free, open and inspired. It's about exchanging ideas, making new contacts and promoting one another. We talk about design, creativity and professional structures and the everyday life that happens between all of this.

Harley Nanfeld Foged Chapter Leader at Ladies, Wine & Design

The community aims to create a fun, open, and honest space with a focus on knowledge sharing, fostering a sense of community, and empowering women in the industry. 

“We believe that the experience gained by the individual can be of benefit to others across visual disciplines. By listening to other people’s stories and the ups- and downs of their career you begin to reflect on your own journey in a much more nuanced way. We all fight our own imposter syndrome. We have all felt lost or stuck in our carers. And that’s okay,” says Harley Nanfeld Foged. 

While the doors are open to all, the platform prioritises promoting female or non-binary speakers.  

Stay tuned


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