Next-generation commerce platform commercetools is experiencing rocket-fueled growth these years. After successfully working together on two projects, IMPACT takes the collaboration one step further and officially partners up with German-born commercetools. We’re head over heels to join forces with one of the initiators of the MACH movement and have a shared vision to create more composable commerce solutions in the years to come.

It’s no surprise that commercetools has increased its market share in the commerce platform space over the past years. As one of the pioneers in the MACH movement, commercetools is built with microservices in mind, an API-first architecture, a cloud-native setup, and is headless by nature. As businesses demand more and more flexibility and scalability, the MACH approach has gained traction – and so has commercetools.

Today, globally leading brands such as Audi, Danone, AT&T, and Lego, are already using the commercetools platform, and IDC MarketSpace recently named them a leader in headless commerce platforms, while both Gartner and Forrester have highlighted the platform.


At IMPACT, we’ve been working with headless technologies since 2016 and have built dozens of headless commerce solutions. Needless to say, with their headless-first approach, commercetools is a perfect fit in our technology stack.

No product or industry is too complex for commercetools. It creates smooth customer experiences and can handle multiple brand sites and works equally well in B2B and B2C. Many of our customers want to tailor the architecture to their needs, and in this relation, commercetools gives them the creative freedom to do so. At the same time, the platform’s flexibility enables businesses to quickly adapt to changing business needs or market trends

Mikkel StærkTechnology Director, IMPACT

While the ink on the partnership agreement between IMPACT and commercetools is still just about to dry, we’ve already grown accustomed to working together on joint customers like Trendhim, a global leader in fashion accessories for men, and PWT Group who operate iconic retailers Tøjeksperten and Wagner.

We asked Brian Børsting, Marketing & eCommerce Director at PWT Group, why the company chose commercetools:

Commercetools is a perfect fit for the best of breed approach that we’ve chosen. They break down complexity in our IT architecture and enable us to scale up in no time. At the same time, Commercetools provides us with a lower total cost of ownership. And finally, it didn’t hurt that we felt a good cultural fit and experienced a matching set of values, ” says Brian Børsting.

Brian BørstingMarketing & e-commerce Director, PWT Group


At IMPACT we see a clear tendency that more and more businesses are looking towards building a composable enterprise architecture. Besides providing increased flexibility and improved time-to-market, we also see advantages when it comes to the total cost of ownership, for instance as microservices are scaled independently.

Finally, we see MACH-based platforms like commercetools being able to support omnichannel experiences and harness new business models in a much nimbler way than the more traditional platforms. Mikkel Stærk elaborates:

“We’re seeing rapidly increasing end-user demands, and the headless-first approach from commercetools is a fantastic lever for unifying the business logic and minimizing friction across touchpoints. At the same time, the innate speed and scalability of commercetools enable us to much faster test new initiatives and business models on behalf of our clients.”

For commercetools, the partnership with IMPACT is a testimony to the strong traction that they’re experiencing in Northern Europe:

We’re thrilled to partner up with IMPACT. Their dedicated focus on commerce really shines through in our dialogue. At the same time, we share a curiosity on what’s next in commerce. And luckily, we see that the digitally mature Scandinavian market is a really good fit for our joint vision on shaping the future of commerce,” says Dan Gershfield, Partner Manager at commercetools.

Dan GershfieldPartner Manager, commercetools

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Mikkel Stærk