Inriver partner of the year 2020

For the second year running IMPACT has been named inriver partner of the year in Denmark.

For the second consecutive year IMPACT has been awarded inriver partner of the year in Denmark. In addition IMPACTs Manager, Master Data & PIM, Sune Rasmussen, was selected as 1 of 12 inriver Champions.

IMPACT is the consulting firm in Denmark with most inriver Product Marketing Cloud implementations.

That hasn’t gone unnoticed. The list of new inriver PIM-customers include Arla, Abena, Montana, HiFi Klubben og Fleggaard – to name a few. These solutions are contributory to the fact that IMPACT for the second year in a row can boast itself as inriver Partner of the year in Denmark.

The strength of IMPACT lies in their ability to work with complex organizations and challenging projects to deliver results for their customers

Jesper LarsenVice President, inriver Partner
inRiver Champion

In 2017 IMPACT achieved status as Platinum Partner, inrivers greatest partner category – In 2019 IMPACT was named inRiver Partner of the year for the first time. Besides being named inriver Partner of the year, IMPACT secured themselves an inriver Champion.

As just 1 of 12, Sune Rasmussen, Manager, Master Data & PIM, achieved the honourable title of inriver Champion. inRiver Champion is an international program for the most talented inriver consultants.

Sune has worked with inriver for five years in collaboration with an abundance of B2C- and B2B customers. He has a great sense of perspective in regards to every inriver component, and possess an ability to uncover how inRiver fit the customers' IT-landscape in order to deliver the best results.

Anne-Marie GebbinkTeamlead & Senior Master Data Consultant

Sune has assisted customers such as Abena,, Imerco, Lemvigh Müller and many more.