Creating more IMPACT-ful customer experiences with our new partner Voyado

IMPACT and Customer Experience Cloud Voyado announce partnership to deliver personalised retail experiences that boost customer loyalty.

Say hello to our new partner, Voyado!

Today, we’re announcing an exclusive collaboration with Voyado, a leading Customer Experience Cloud (CXC) for e-commerce brands and retailers.

Harnessing the power of first-party data, strategy and technology, our partnership joins together IMPACT’s commerce experience with a CX cloud that spans the length and breadth of the retail customer journey. Backed by the right data at each relevant touchpoint, it enables our joint customers to swiftly execute their omnichannel strategies, from stoking awareness to capturing that all-important customer loyalty.

So, what does this teamwork mean for our customers? Even more commerce expertise at your fingertips, whether you’re in need of advice, technology or implementation power to create relevant, retention-boosting customer experiences.

With Voyado's solution, we are able to quickly and efficiently execute our omnichannel strategies and boost store sales. We decided to invest in Voyado because of their strong integration capabilities and focus on user experience. We were up and running with the POS integration in a few weeks and with the support of IMPACT, we continue to lay the foundation for data- and customer-centric experiences.

Brian Duus, Retail Director @ DK Company

Why do retailers and brands need to care about Customer Experience Clouds?

It all comes down to personalisation and loyalty. Your customers expect you to know them because they feel like they know you.

Our Omnichannel Index 2022 report (which you can download for free, right here) found that personalised experiences – across channels – is now a consumer must-have.

Sounds obvious, right? Yet the majority of Scandinavian retailers are still failing to provide relevant, tailored shopping experiences that keep customers coming back for more.

Just a quarter (26%) of brands and retailers have automated emails triggered by abandoned carts or other shopping behaviours (Omnichannel Index 2022).

At the same time, loyalty programmes are more important than ever. In today’s cookie-less world, filled with GDPR compliance restrictions, skyrocketing ad costs and strict campaign rules, brands and retailers can differentiate themselves and earn loyalty by truly understanding their customers and serving them with the right content, at the right time, in the right places. Customers expect it, and we promise you that your competitors are already working on it.

90% of customer loyalty benefits are confined to a one-off discount – such as ‘Get 10% off your first order if you sign up to our newsletter’. Only 6% of retailers provide true benefits to loyal customers. (Omnichannel Index 2022).

That’s where our partnership comes in.

In 2023, the opportunities for retailers who offer well-crafted loyalty programmes with ongoing, tangible benefits is huge. But creating successful ones isn’t always so straightforward.

65% of consumers engage with less than half of the loyalty programmes to which they belong. (Code Broker).

At IMPACT, we help some of the brands with the most effective loyalty programmes in the Nordics, and we can see first-hand the difference it makes. But intentions mean nothing without technology.  We know that Voyado is the gold standard technology when it comes to building a loyalty programme that fully leverages the relationship between brand and consumer at every step of the retail journey.

3 tips for building a great loyalty programme


Loyalty needs to be more than a one-time discount off a customer’s first purchase. Examples might include extended warranties, personal discounts and free next-day delivery. Only you know what matters most to your customers. Work that out and give it to them.


Make the most of automated personalisation and customer journey triggers to stay relevant by serving your customers the right content at the right time. This applies to all your channels. For example, nothing will turn a customer off faster than seeing a 10% discount for an item they bought the day before directly in their inbox.


Many Nordic retailers have no KPIs for their loyalty programme. This is a big mistake. Retailers should harness the power of KPIs, using the same tactics used for performance marketing efforts. That means calculating the customer acquisition and lifetime value to be used as a KPI. Stop thinking in email list subscribers – this metric is valueless given customers’ tendency to delete these emails. Valuable metrics are revenue-per-email, click-through rate, buying rate from send-outs and whether they’re triggered by personalised content (versus regular campaign offerings) and how many emails it takes to drive a purchase.

3 ways retailers and brands will benefit from the IMPACT-Voyado partnership

  1. Strategically: Voyado and IMPACT Extend are in a strategic partnership. Brands and retailers can’t get the same combination of strategy, onboarding and loyalty-generating technology to maximise retail campaigns anywhere else.
  2. Retail-focused personalisation: Personalisation is heavily context-dependent. Voyado’s solution is perfectly tailored towards the unique personalisation and retention requirements of e-commerce brands and retailers.
  3. Fast time-to-market: Voyado’s CXC is simple to get up and running – and combined with our deep solution knowledge – that means a faster time-to-market for our joint customers and their ambitious growth plans.

And it’s not just theoretical. We’re already helping household names such as DK Company, Filippa K and Plantagen to provide frictionless retail experiences that result in increased customer loyalty.

Torben Vejen from IMPACT Commerce and Jesper Larsen from Voydao - New partnership
Torben Vejen, Co-CEO @ IMPACT Extend & Jesper Larsen, Partner Director @ Voyado

We have seen a great demand for Voyado in the market, and their dedicated focus on commerce makes our partnership a great match. Retailers today realise that the key to growth and loyalty is to create strong and unified customer experiences. With Voyado’s Customer Experience Cloud that offers a complete solution for customer acquisition, conversion and retention, we will be able to transform many retail businesses to drive growth.

Anders Stentebjerg @ IMPACT CommercePartnership Director at IMPACT

We are very excited to enter a formal partnership with IMPACT. Their strong technical capabilities, in combination with their digital commerce expertise and operational excellence with their Extend team, make them an ideal Voyado partner. The great success we’ve already seen with DK Company has proven that we have a very strong offering, and I look forward to bringing this value to the rest of the market.

Jesper LarsenPartner Director @ Voyado

To hear all about it from the other side of the coin, head over to Voyado’s take on our collaboration.

Get in touch with Torben to learn more.