Imerco's product data transformation for omnichannel success

Bytes of IMPACT: Product data driven omnichannel
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IMPACT’s Omnichannel Index has analysed 253 Danish, Norwegian and Swedish companies. Only 5% of retailers and brands have what we would describe as a noteworthy omnichannel set-up. Imerco is one of them. ‘Vasegate” got Imerco on the omnichannel track and turned Imerco into one of the best omnichannel retailers in Scandinavia.

One of the pillars in omnichannel retail is solid product data.

IMPACT’s Omnichannel Index shows that only 65% have solid product data on their product page.

Imerco is one of the companies that meet solid product data criteria such as:
  • Multiple images
  • Good product descriptions
  • Links to supplementary or similar products
  • Technical specs
  • Customer reviews

Imerco turns their product pages into true product landing pages, helping their customers find the perfect plate, tablecloth, pot, or blender of choice.

In this 30-minute webinar, Imerco’s Head of Omni Commerce & Service, Peter Hvidbjerg, will share actual stories from Imerco’s journey towards a product data driven omnichannel strategy.

In just 30-minutes, Peter will illustrate how InRiver’s Product Information Management (PIM) helps Imerco:
  • Speed up time-to-market (especially needed during high-season weeks as Black Friday and Christmas or unexpected situations like COVID-19)
  • Interconnect digital channels and physical shops with the help of solid product data
  • Streamline the product enrichment process in combination with IMPACT Extend’s product analysis dashboard

But you will also learn that implementing a basic inriver PIM system is only a start. There is still so much untapped potential when using a PIM system. With only the basics in place, the fun can begin! Hence, new initiatives are planned to optimise the entire set-up:

  • Optimising the whole product information workflow from supplier to customer – taking advantage of inriver’s latest developments – supplier onboarding & contribute
  • Increasing the number of products offered online and in shops without having to increase the product marketing team
  • Introducing digital shelf labels providing exhaustive product information in shops

Peter will illustrate why a PIM project is never just a one-off but an ongoing process.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get insights from Imerco’s lessons learned from their inriver PIM implementation.

Peter Hvidberg, Imerco
Peter Hvidberg

Peter Hvidberg is the Head of Omni Commerce & Service at Imerco and together with his team, is responsible for creating a seamless experience for Imerco’s customers and transforming Imerco in to a true omnichannel market player.

Prior to Imerco, Peter was responsible for helping drive digital & customer service and also for creating seamless retail value for Intersport Denmark’s customers. Peter redefined the e-com strategy and focus for the group, optimized the process’ for the entire value chain, implemented a new modern website and has grown the e-com revenue x5 for Intersport Denmark since he started in 2015. He is a pioneer in e-com and built his first webshop back in 1999.

Anne-marie Gebbink is senior master data consultant at IMPACT PIM
Anne-Marie Gebbink

Anne-Marie has more than 20 years of experience with master data and project management. Before starting at IMPACT, she worked for 18 years at Stibo Systems, so she knows (almost) all the ins and outs of Stibo Systems STEP system and has worked with many multinational brands. Anne-Marie also has a background in marketing, so she can easily put herself into the shoes of customers when it comes to marketing processes around product data.

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