Leveling up our Swedish presence with four new top talent hires

We’re strengthening our workforce in Scandinavia by welcoming four new team members to IMPACT in Stockholm.

We couldn’t be more excited to have them on board. Their entrepreneurial mindset, vast experience, and hunger to make a difference align perfectly with our values, and we can’t wait to see what we can build together. 

Please give a warm welcome to: 

Andres Olldén

Our new Swedish COO who will be focusing on the Swedish and Norwegian markets.  

Stian Emil Prestegård

Who will help us break ground in Norway as our new Norwegian Sales & Country Manager.

Emil Svebéus

Our new Business Unit Manager for Adobe & Composable Commerce, who will be joining forces with Delivery Manager Victor Sterner to pursue Adobe and new composable cases in Sweden.

Mattias Stark

Our new Sales Director, who will be teaming up with our Sales Executive Magnus Engström to gather the best sales teams in the market so that we can boost the sales of IMPACT’s services to our Swedish prospects.

What’s even more impressive is that they’re joining us from one of our main competitors, Columbus, after distinguished careers in the industry leaving us both thrilled and very honored. As our CEO Kasper Holst puts it:  

“I am both proud and humble that we can attract such heavy and experienced employees from one of our biggest competitors. It’s not easy to find people with as great experience in establishing enterprise commerce solutions, with a particular focus on B2B, as they have. It is crucial for us to have such competent profiles if we are to succeed in winning Sweden and Norway.”  

We see a gigantic potential for IMPACT in the Nordics, and the goal of the strategic initiative is to triple the number of employees in Sweden and Norway over the next three years.  

Smells like team spirit

One of our greatest strengths in attracting competent profiles is the fact that IMPACT is owned and run by employees. This creates a truly extraordinary collective team spirit that is highly appreciated by our customers and distinguishes us from competitors.  

This was one of the things that appealed to Andreas Olldén, who comes from a position as Division Director for Columbus Commerce where he managed 300 employees. He has over 16 years of experience in B2B commerce and digitalisation, and when the opportunity to switch to a company with an entrepreneurial spirit and innovation at the forefront arose, the decision was not difficult. 

“I have long been fascinated by IMPACT’s commerce cases and the fact that they are a ‘pure player’ in digital commerce services. I aspire to restart in a company with a clear focus, good people, and a genuine passion for customer success, and in that process, I believe I can leverage my experience in sales and organisational building. The growth potential for IMPACT in Sweden and the entire Nordic region is enormous, and it is something I would very much like to help build.” says Andreas Olldén. 

Scandinavia and beyond

But the journey doesn’t stop here. We have great growth ambitions for the rest of Europe as well.

As Holst puts it: “The special culture, combined with the industry’s best employees, means that we are now truly setting our sights on winning the European market and becoming our customers’ preferred partner for creating further growth.” 

We can wait to see what the future holds as we continue on our quest to change commerce for the better.