First in the Nordics to use Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud

IMPACT has developed a solution for Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud as the first in the Nordic region. The project sets new standards for B2B companies’ development in within commerce.


IMPACT’s ambition to be technological front runners was confirmed when a new, large project on Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud went live – the first in the Nordic region.

“As of yet, there are not many solutions live on this platform worldwide, and we have put in an immense amount of effort in order to ensure that it became a successful project. We have now helped build the Nordic region’s first solution to this platform – on time and within budget. I’m really proud of that,” Claus Høyer Madsen says, who is CCO in IMPACT.

Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud, formerly known as CloudCraze, became part of the Salesforce family in spring 2018 and differs from many other commerce platforms by being based on a configuration approach, in which new functionality is continually being made available to users of the platform as it is being developed. This means that the platform is constantly updated and does not end up as a development-heavy project with continuous development and maintenance. Simultaneously, the platform communicates with Salesforce CRM, providing smooth integration and a 360-degree image of customers across sales, customer service, and commerce.

The implementation of Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud has been done in close collaboration with Salesforce, who have reviewed the solution blueprints and code and conducted performance testing – and the eventual solution has been receiving great recognition.

The IMPACT team has shown substantial expertise and that new technology along with commerce experience is a good combination.

Lars GrønkjærSenior Regional Vice President Commerce Cloud North (Nordics + Benelux) at Salesforce


While the B2C market has been advanced for many years in terms of creating quality online buying experiences, the B2B business market has only recently become mature. This is precisely why the potential for B2B companies is enormous, Claus Høyer Madsen informs.

“Our experience is that companies can create a solid growth in their digital trade with their customers, and B2B companies that have already invested in Salesforce CRM should especially consider the positive gains they can make by implementing the Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud,” he says.


IMPACT has developed B2B commerce solutions for e.g. HAY, Carl Ras and Widex.

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