Despomar teams up with IMPACT Commerce for Digital Transformation

Gain deeper insights into this strategic collaboration to transform Despomar's digital mindset and boost its omnichannel strategy.

We’re excited to announce that we’re entering into a strategic partnership with the Portuguese surfing and skating distributor and retailer Despomar – owner of the Ericeira Surf & Skate chain store, as well as 58 Surf shops.

Together, we aim to transform Despomar’s digital business and omnichannel tactics to elevate the customer experience and enhance the overall customer satisfaction.

motivation behind the choice

The main driving force behind our decision was José Balça, who immediately 'laid his cards on the table' and addressed the needs of Despomar. We are motivated to 'reap the benefits' of this collaboration.

João MarquesHead of E-Commerce, Despomar

Digital Roadmap & next steps

The project will kick off with an in-depth preliminary study to develop an all-inclusive digital plan, select the appropriate technology platform and define the essential elements of the design and user experience (UX) for one of its leading brands.

Over the next few months, we’ll be teaming up to create a detailed digital change strategy, identify areas in need of improvement and construct a roadmap to ensure a smooth project run.

This partnership reflects a major innovation in the surfing and skating industry and marks an important step for Despomar, and we’re thrilled to start this journey together.

This pre-study has the goal to define the entire digital roadmap for all Despomar's brands. We are very enthusiastic about this partnership as we have been chosen as their advisor and partner for the ambitious goal of driving a complete digital transformation.

José BalçaPartner & Managing Director, Iberia, IMPACT Commerce

Advisors in Commerce, Beyond Implementation

As you may already know, we love to understand the businesses, their ambitions and struggles. As José Balça, our Partner & Managing Director for Iberia mentions:

“This choice reflects the fact that we are experts in advising companies on the implementation of best practices and the best technologies for their specific needs, not only focusing in implementing without a clear strategy.”

And Despomar agrees.

“More than the awards achieved by IMPACT, their awareness, years of experience, portfolio and even the geographic reach, what convinced us was the notion of partnership, the understanding that our choice will not be just a solution but rather an evolution”, João concludes.

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