Creating unified commerce experiences with Salesforce Page Designer

When & where: Behind your screen, August 29, 09.00-09.45.

On Monday, 29 August, we’re hosting a morning webinar about how to create and deliver next-level unified commerce experiences with Salesforce.   

Join us to discover why unified commerce matters and how our mobiles are the key to creating friction-free shopping experiences. 

You’ll also get a glimpse into how Salesforce Page Designerwill play a growing role across web, apps, mPoS, in-store and more in the near future. 

Why attend?

As technology evolves, your customers’ expectations do too. From AR-powered apps furnishing our homes to mobile wallets replacing physical credit cards, we’ve become accustomed to shopping the hyper-convenient way.  

So, in this webinar, we’ll unite two powerful technologies to show you the future of creating unified, convenient and mesmerising customer experiences.  

What you’ll learn:

    • The smarter way of orchestrating unified commerce across web, apps, and in-store solutions   
    • The role apps play in bringing together a unified commerce experience that connects customer data and identity 
    • How the unified commerce enabling Salesforce Page Designer works; featuring a live demo of a mobile solutionce 
    • Actionable tips for getting started with your mobile-powered unified commerce strategy   

Who’s it for?

Anyone interested in learning about unified commerce and how to create friction-free shopping experiences with Salesforce Page Designer. The webinar is particularly relevant if you’re a CTO or CIO. 

The webinar is 45 minutes long and in English. Sign up below. 



Lars Cimber IMPACT

The webinar is hosted by Lars Cimber, who’s a true commerce pioneer. With more than 20 years of experience creating digital experiences (yes, he’s been innovating and running “skunk works” design and development since the early days of the modern internet, and no, he’s not as old as it may sound). He knows what it takes to create solutions that meet and exceed your customers’ demands and loves to talk about it.


Joining Lars is Niklas Saers. He is an amazingly 63 apps-in-the-app-stores” experienced engineer and architect who also is versed in AI, and cloud development. Naturally, this is the type of person you need when you are creating an ingenious way of combining Salesforce commerce cloud with new customer interfaces like apps and in-store displays and next generation commerce experiences