We teamed up with global audio specialist Jabra to build future-proof global digital commerce. The solution is created with a 360° view of the customer in mind and a smart architecture now serves digital commerce at any customer touchpoint.  

The right equipment for remote work has been more relevant than ever in the past year. At the same time, the true wireless market has exploded during the pandemic. As the need for quality audio and video products accelerated, so did customers’ expectations. They want better features, increased performance, and more seamless experiences – with the products as well as when shopping them.  

Fortunately, those are some of the things Jabra does best as a front runner in both business-to-business sales and direct-to-consumer commerce. What Jabra needed was a future-proof platform to truly harness their full digital potential. 

Visions out of the ordinary

We helped Jabra upgrade both their digital commerce platform and the experiences it offers. Their vision is straightforward but far from simple; Jabra wants to not only deliver the best digital commerce within the industry but within ecommerce experiences in general. This included thinking and building globally – and putting customers first. 

We’re not merely here to be best-in-class in audio ecommerce – we strive to be among the best in ecommerce experiences in general

Kenneth Ullmann  VP, Digital Business, Jabra 
Global and scalable

For Jabra, a global brand on a growth journey, it was essential to build a platform that’s robust, flexible, and scalable. The possibility to have great editorial freedom and serve any channel with customer experiences was equally important and required a deep understanding of the customer behaviour through all stages of the journey. 

With Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Jabra has achieved exactly that. The world-class platform offers great flexibility for headless e-commerce, as well as top-of-the-line business management capabilities. It’s now the foundation for the entire Jabra site helping both private and professional customers on their journey from product discovery to purchase.  

Customers at heart  

Whether it’s browsing for inspiration, adding to cart, or making a claim, Jabra wants to deliver an excellent customer experience. This requires knowing their customers from every angle.  


The Salesforce Commerce Cloud solution provides Jabra with a more united view of customer data. This enables better customer recommendation and personalisation and helps employees across marketing, sales, and customer service to solve potential issues faster.   


With the cross-border solution from Global-E, customers across the world get tailored experiences based on their local preferences. This improves customer satisfaction and drives up revenue at the same time.

In the near horizon, an AI-supported service desk will add a further layer of intelligence on Jabra’s understanding of their customers. 


The real upside? Smoother customer experiences created from seeing the content and products they care about and getting customer service out of the ordinary.  

Commerce where the customers are 

The new platform empowers Jabra to provide commerce experiences across any point of customer interaction. Existing touchpoints like the digital applications used to install and control headsets can be turned into conversion points. With Salesforce Commerce Cloud the solution is also future-ready with APIs that can serve emerging touchpoints - and even those that aren’t envisioned yet. 

That’s why we’re not shy to say that together with Jabra, we’ve built a platform that’s ready to take on the future and propel a holistic view of the customer. The headless ecommerce setup is born to scale and fit new digital touch points and markets.  

Just like remote work is here to stay, Jabra’s digital position in commerce for audio and video technology is here to grow.