Webinar: Build a solid B2B lead generation strategy and sales engine in 2021

Tactics to attract B2B buyers

Most B2B companies need strong lead generation right now since digital sales and meetings are booming. So how do you get your lead generation going faster than before? Get all the tactics, tech architecture, organisation and measurement tips here.

In 40 minutes, Thomas Obelitz Høgsbro-Rode, Co-CEO, IMPACT Extend will show you:

  • How to identify your sales potential and tactics in order to attract B2B buyers
  • How to connect live marketing cost data with CRM data and track full lead-time/ROI
  • How to personalise and nurture leads across channels using Salesforce Pardot
  • How to organise a joint marketing and sales task force with agile learning loops

We will dive into to the IMPACT B2B Sales Engine™ model and conduct a walk-through of the global success case, Logpoint.

After a funding amount of 10M USD, Logpoint wished to become a leading player in the global niche market of security software.

IMPACT B2B Sales Engine™ is a proven methodology for establishing excellence and maximising B2B lead generation. Tactics, tech architecture, organisation and measurement are all covered.

Watch the webinar here

Please note: Other agencies are unfortunately not authorised to download and therefore will not have access.

Meet the speaker

Thomas Obelitz Høgsbro-Rode taler til IMPACT Extend event med Raptor
Thomas Obelitz Høgsbro-Rode, Co-CEO, IMPACT EXTEND

Thomas has 10+ years of experience within strategic digital marketing and strategic business growth. 

He is an expert at transforming your business into a data-driven future, by aligning people, processes and technology

He successfully handled the de-merger of IMPACTs digital marketing departments to IMPACT Extend, and has since enabled organisations to unleash their identified business potential, working with some of Denmark’s largest retailers and brands, such as Imerco, Matas, GANNI, nemlig.com and LogPoint.