Alligo x IMPACT Commerce for strategic roadmap to double digital revenue

In an ambitious move to double its digital revenue within the next two years, Alligo is gearing up for a digital transformation, enhancing the quality and stability of the platform while meeting the diverse needs and expectations of all customer types.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re entering into a strategic partnership with Alligo, a Nordic powerhouse in the industry of workwear, personal protective equipment and tools, uniting strong brands across the Nordics such as Swedol, TOOLS, Grolls and Univern.  

While excelling in traditional sales through physical stores, Alligo recognises the importance of a robust online presence to cater to a diverse clientele, which ranges from small enterprises to government organisations.  

With the overarching goal of doubling its digital revenue within the next two years, Alligo is looking to accelerate its pace of innovation, enhancing the quality and stability of the platform while meeting the diverse needs and expectations of all customer types.  

We were looking for a long-term digital strategic partner that can help take our online business to the next level and speed up time-to-market on digital projects. IMPACT Commerce has the expertise to provide a 360 view of the company, combining tech expertise, strong digital business knowledge and an omnichannel perspective – a combination that I believe can help transform Alligo’s online presence

Gustaf JohanssonCIO at Alligo

To achieve this, we’re assisting Alligo in:

  1. Establishing a new programme office to work more efficiently across departments and vendors.
  2. Co-creating a strategic roadmap to target a 2x increase in digital revenue.
  3. Transitioning from an on-premise commerce solution to a more hands-off cloud platform.

The partnership kicked off with a pilot – a successful cloud migration project, addressing stability concerns migrating the platform. 

“The migration project truly showcased IMPACT Commerce’s capability to deliver high-quality solutions within tight schedules. We considered this as sort of a test and IMPACT Commerce passed with excellence – that’s why we decided to continue the collaboration with two new projects, and even more in the pipeline for the future,” says Gustaf.  

Alligo has an ambitious goal of transforming its online presence, which is why there’s several digital initiatives both already initiated and in the pipeline. 


We’re currently working on new UI and UX for the product pages, in order to make them more dynamic and relevant for the diverse customer segments.  

Given Alligo’s diverse customer segments, it’s crucial to deliver tailored experiences for each segment ensuring that the website caters to the diverse set of needs – whether it’s the smaller customers looking for a more consumer-like online experience or the larger corporations in need of a purchase system.

Per-Mattias Nordkvist

The project is currently in the implementation phase after thorough testing by focus groups.  


Alligo’s Finnish e-commerce platform is set for migration to a common platform, ensuring a seamless experience for customers across borders. The time-critical project aims to be completed before the year-end deadline to avoid licensing issues.

Despite these projects, we’re also looking into giving our ERP system an overhaul to further streamline operations. We’re only just getting started.

Gustaf JohanssonCIO at Alligo



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