IMPACT is assisting Abena with a global implementation of PIM

Global implementation of PIM

IMPACT has helped Abena with their implementation of PIM and reduced the performance problems in their previous PIM setup.

Over the past year, IMPACT has partnered with Abena to ensure a global roll-out of their PIM system. The roll-out is part of Abena’s digital journey, where the goal is to provide customers with a well-functioning e-commerce solution that lives up to their ambition of a “one-stop-shop” and creates growth.

As one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of healthcare consumables, Abena has a myriad of products that they sell in different markets with different requirements for the goods. In order to handle the complex workflows of a global roll-out with individual country needs, Abena required a well-functioning PIM system.

Before IMPACT came into the picture, Abena had been implementing the inriver PIM for several years but had reached a point at which they needed a partner to help fulfill their goals, as well as make the existing solution perform better.

We chose IMPACT because they could perceive good business opportunities. Both with inriver, but also with Abena long term. At the same time, they had a positive attitude regarding the project, which we liked

Martin Kortbek NordentoftCIO, Abena
PIM HELPS with catalogue production

One of the first tasks of the project was to optimize Abena’s existing PIM system across ERP systems and prepare their IT systems for global roll-out. After two days, 80% of the performance problems were resolved.

In collaboration with Abena, we have created a complete technical solution where all data has been collected in a clear interface which makes the data more manageable for them

Sverre Vedel NielsenSenior E-Business Consultant & PIM Commercial Lead, IMPACT

Abena is currently well on its way with their digital journey and can already reap the first benefits of their efforts. The PIM system has proven to be a great help when producing their physical catalogues. With the PIM system, Abena’s catalogue generation system has been given a source that can provide the right data, which makes it much easier to select products, group them and simultaneously have all information gathered in one place.

The PIM system has also simplified and improved the everyday life of Abena’s editors, giving them a much better overview of all data. And this is only the beginning of the gains to come.

“There are still many opportunities to be taken advantage of with this project that we have not yet felt the benefits of,” Martin Kortbek Nordentoft says.

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