A digital trip around the world with GANNI

A Louis Vuitton fund has invested hundreds of millions in clothing brand GANNI. The goal is international growth, and we are helping GANNI with strategic sparring regarding omnichannel solutions and the implementation of a Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform.

Danish fashion success aims to conquer the US

With IMPACT as a digital partner, fashion brand GANNI is striving for international success.

After several colorful years in Denmark and Scandinavia, GANNI is now ready to conquer the rest of the world – and the journey begins in the United States. The designer brand has experienced fast growth and high profits over the past seven to eight years. The revenue is expected to reach half a billion shortly, and GANNI achieved a profit of DKK 17 million in the past fiscal year.

At the end of 2017, the US private equity fund, L Catterton, which, among other things, owns Louis Vuitton, acquired 51% of the company for an amount of nine figures. GANNI has repeatedly declined potential investors. The fashion success has specifically chosen a partner who has experience in operating an exclusive fashion brand worldwide. GANNI’s analysis concludes that L Catterton can create a worldwide brand. The focus is currently on the collaboration bringing international growth, and the goal is to strike while the iron is hot.

We can look at the demand in the US and see that we have to act now. We are starting a massive online venture, and then we will follow up with the establishment of physical stores if we find the right location.

Nicolaj ReffstrupDirector, GANNI


Many Scandinavian fashion brands have large market shares in Scandinavia, but few have succeeded in creating worldwide brands. GANNI will be one of the exceptions.

As support for the international journey, GANNI has allianced themselves with us. We are acting as a digital sparring partner for the clothing brand. We will deliver GANNI’s digital customer journey through strategic sparring regarding the enterprise omnichannel platform, which can be scaled internationally. Together, we will ensure that the web platform supports international user needs and GANNI’s premium brand value.

We know everything about our brand and how we produce great quality clothing. We know a lot about our customers and can spot their future needs. IMPACT's digital experience within omnichannel commerce must therefore help us bring our brand and skills to GANNI Girls worldwide.

Nicolaj ReffstrupDirector, GANNI


Just as was true of Rome, the whole world is not built in one day either. GANNI and IMPACT are coming up with big digital visions, but they also need to find solutions here and now. The first step is the United States, but the machine itself must be scalable to the whole world afterwards. Therefore, together with GANNI, IMPACT must go on an omnichannel journey and on an internationalization journey, but we must divide it into smaller portions, thus making the project palatable.

GANNI has a ridiculously strong brand, and they know how to create an international brand. We look forward to being the digital partner that ensures GANNI's platforms are geared to international growth.

Morten QvistgaardSenior Business Consultant, IMPACT


Ganni’s new global platform is being built on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform, which is cutting-edge technology in today’s market, and can easily be scaled to Ganni’s growing business. Salesforce Commerce Cloud technology allows customers to access the platform through all social logins and the platform supports all payment solutions. At the same time, with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, the user experience on mobile platforms is second to none.

This solution will also be the first in Denmark in which Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud are implemented in the same solution. The technologies work hand-in-hand with the aim of securing satisfied customers, and, for Ganni, this means that all their customer data is gathered in one place and that they are able to easily follow and optimize the customer journey.

Would you like to know more about the project?

Contact Senior E-Business Consultant, Morten Qvistgaard. He can give you the full run-down.