gearing up for the future with ChatGPT

Discover how KAUFMANN is ensuring a quicker time-to-market and reducing its workloads by leveraging the power of ChatGPT.

Automated system

potentially 8,000 products enriched with descriptions each year

High-quality product data

Across three languages and nine domains

Reduced workloads

200 work hours per year (estimated)

Quicker time-to-market

from 3-4 weeks to asap

Strengthened SEO

through rich product descriptions

Scalable set up

built into the PIM system


Revolutionising e-commerce with AI

KAUFMANN is taking a big and innovative step towards optimising its business and gearing up for future growth.

In collaboration with IMPACT, KAUFMANN has introduced a ChatGPT plug-in with the aim of strengthening the bottom line and reducing time-to-market for over 8,000 new products that are added to the brand’s online range each year. ChatGPT will support KAUFMANN by generating product data as a high-quality baseline, ensuring that the deep product knowledge is communicated to the customer. This will support KAUFMANN’s aspirations to digitalise a vast workload, enabling the team to focus on other more value-adding activities.

By leveraging the power of AI, KAUFMANN is not only optimising its operations but also positioning itself as a frontrunner in the e-commerce industry.


A cutting-edge set up

Using OpenAI technology, the new chatbot will automatically generate standard information about the products, which KAUFMANN’s staff can build upon with their knowledge to create inspiring and relevant product descriptions. The plugin allows KAUFMANN to enrich more than 8,000 products that are added yearly to the three sub-brands, qUINT, KAUFMANN, and AXEL, with high-quality data, in three different languages, across nine domains!  

“From the start of the project, it only took a week until we had the finished product, and it is probably one of the fastest idea-to-action implementations we have had in the last 10 years. Customers who shop online expect detailed product descriptions on all items today, so it is simply a must if we want to stand strong in competition against other brands in the fashion industry,” says Dennis Sørensen, Head of E-commerce at KAUFMANN. 

Reduced workload and quicker time-to-market

The tool will be essential to the product creation phase, digitalising a vast workload that will save Kaufmann’s e-commerce team a lot of time and enable them to focus on other, more value-adding activities. In fact, according to Sørensen, they currently spend about three minutes per product to create product data and descriptions. With the new ChatGPT they expect to save 12,000 minutes annually, which is equivalent to around 200 working hours!  

The plug-in will also significantly reduce the conglomerate’s time-to-market. Before, some products were on the website for three to four weeks without descriptions – today, all products are enriched with descriptions from the day they reach the warehouse.  

“We have high expectations of how ChatGPT can increase our revenue in the coming years. In the past, new products could easily be online for three to four weeks without descriptions, which was obviously bad for sales. Now, we ensure that all units have a descriptive text as soon as they land in our warehouse, while also saving a lot of working time. So, it will definitely be visible on the bottom line.” says Sørensen. 

Built into the PIM-system

KAUFMANN’s new ChatGPT is built into the company’s Product Information Management (PIM) system – an element that will have a significant impact on the handling of new products.  

“The integration is designed so that the PIM-editors at KAUFMANN can easily and quickly add or deselect the options that ChatGPT suggests. This means, in concrete terms, that when a new product comes into stock, product data is automatically inserted into the PIM system. Then the editor is presented with pre-filled product texts, which is used as a starting point for creating inspiring and relevant product texts.” says Nanna Lenander, Client Director at IMPACT. 

The set up is highly automated and the new ChatGPT has already learned from the adjustments made by the editors after just two weeks in action, continuously improving the overall flow and usability of the plug-in.  

Moreover, the solution is highly scalable, as it is incorporated in the PIM-system. Should KAUFMANN wish to expand in the future, we can easily add another language to the set up and update the version – completely frictionless.  

Boosting SEO performance with ChatGPT

In addition to a quicker time-to-market and resource savings, the new ChatGPT plug-in is designed to strengthen KAUFMANN’s overall SEO tracking, as every product has its own unique description which ensures that we reach the full potential of SEO. As Sørensen puts it: 

“As a fashion brand, it is crucial for us to be strong in SEO. With our new ChatGPT, the preparation of enriched and unique product texts is significantly faster, allowing us to quickly take advantage of the SEO potential in the texts – something that ranks high on Google. In this way, we fully utilise our SEO potential, and my expectation is that it will give us a significant competitive advantage that will send our SEO-related revenue and performance skyrocketing within the first year.” 




About Kaufmann

KAUFMANN was founded in 1908 by Axel Kaufmann in Aarhus and in 2010, Kaufmann launched its web shop Kaufmann.dk. Today, KAUFMANN employs 338 employees across 28 branches around Denmark and in 2021, the conglomerate had an impressive revenue of 495 million DKK.

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