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The Stibo Systems STEP platform gives you one of the world’s leading Master Data Management systems, recognized by both Gartner and Forrester. STEP handles data across data domains, so you can easily and efficiently orient yourself amidst all of your company’s central data.

STEP is more than an advanced PIM system. It is a complete master data system that helps you to systematize and enrich your company’s data, thus enabling you to manage customer data, employee data, supplier data, product data, etc., for a 360º overview of it all.

STEP helps you to break down data silos and automate processes.


  • Much faster time-to-market for your products
  • A 360º overview of your customers, so you can easily provide the best customer service and a robust loyalty program
  • Effective collaboration with your suppliers

IMPACT gives you full implementation of Stibo Systems’ Master Data Management system, supply security and solid business understanding within commerce and Master Data Management. This creates security and business value for you.

IMPACT er certificeret Stibo Systems Partner

not a PIM system AS YOU KNOW THEM

Classic product information management systems are often seen as a marketing tool for managing product information across channels. But STEP is more than that. STEP handles the entire product data flow – from supplier and purchasing, to your customers and business intelligence.

With Stibo Step, you improve your internal and external processes and increase sales. You can easily get answers to questions such as: How far have are we in onboarding new products? Have the images been delivered? Have I entered all the important product information? You get a better overview of your customers, as online and offline are linked together, and you can see which products the customers have purchased.

Anne-marie Gebbink is senior master data consultant at IMPACT PIM
Anne-Marie Gebbink Teamlead & Senior Master Data Consultant


Stibo STEP makes it easy for you to manage your customer data. With "golden records", data about the individual customer is displayed in a simple, flexible, single view, so that you have all the information in one place.

STEP’s focus on user-friendliness avoids time-consuming updates of information that must be changed manually on several different systems. Instead, all updates in STEP are automatically adjusted and implemented all the way to all systems and channels, across countries, languages and market segments.


Stibo STEP is in many ways the ultimate data management solution. It is a scalable multi-domain master data platform with out-of-the-box capabilities that allow you to configure your setups and integrations without programming.


  • Increased security and master data control
  • Data flow transparency
  • Optimized, streamlined processes
  • Data validity and data quality
  • Structured data processing
Stibo Systems STEP er et af verdens førende Master Data Management


Lemvigh-Müller chose STEP, as they had outgrown their previous PIM system and wanted to increase their product numbers. They therefore needed a future-proof solution that would support supplier collaboration using industry standards such as ETIM, BME-cat, UNSPSC and could easily be integrated with their SAP system, BI solution and website.

With STEP, Lemvigh-Müller has gained access to advanced enrichment options and workflows that automate and support processes and data flow throughout the entire business – from suppliers to procurement and sales. The solution supports their growth ambitions and will ensure faster time-to-market for a growing number of product numbers.

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We are Stibo Systems’ partner and ready to help you with the implementation of Stibo STEP. Contact Sune if you want to know more about Stibo.

Sune Rasmussen, Manager Master Data PIM

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