Once you unleash data-driven growth, you’ll never look at marketing the same way again.

Making Insights Matter

Your customers want to be heard and understood, and CMOs everywhere know this. But translating consumer insights into effective action remains a big pain point to many.
At IMPACT Commerce, our work revolves around effectively activating and leveraging data. Whether you want strategic insights, better decision making, or above-market business growth, data is a key driver just waiting to be unleashed.
Our holistic approach encompasses everything from strategy formulation to execution, tackling high-complexity challenges with agility to ensuring peace of mind in a complex regulatory environment. When done our way, data-driven marketing makes the most of consumer insights, enhancing the customer experiences you offer while securing increased ROI and enabling real-time decision making.

All Grounds Covered

Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of ground to cover in the world of data-driven marketing. To help you make the most impact, we guide you safely through every nook and cranny of the areas worth exploring for your business:

Marketing Transformation
  • Customer data strategy
  • Marketing automation
  • AI in marketing
Growth Marketing
  • Data-driven ads
  • SEO & Performance
  • CRO/Sales optimisations
  • Personalisation
  • Marketing automation
  • Loyalty/data capture in stores
  • First-party data strategy
MarTech Solutions
  • CDP/BI/Data lake – customer data activation
  • Marketing automation platforms
  • Personalisation engines
Advanced Analytics
  • Analytics and tracking
  • AI in analytics

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