gearing up for the future with ChatGPT

Discover how KAUFMANN is ensuring a quicker time-to-market and reducing its workloads by leveraging the power of ChatGPT.

Automated system

potentially 8,000 products enriched with descriptions each year

High-quality product data

Across three languages and nine domains

Reduced workloads

200 work hours per year (estimated)

Quicker time-to-market

from 3-4 weeks to asap

Strengthened SEO

through rich product descriptions

Scalable set up

built into the PIM system


Revolutionising commerce with AI

KAUFMANN is taking a big and innovative step towards optimising its business and gearing up for future growth.

In collaboration with IMPACT, KAUFMANN has introduced a ChatGPT plug-in with the aim of strengthening the bottom line and reducing time-to-market for over 8,000 new products that are added to the brand’s online range each year. ChatGPT will support KAUFMANN by generating product data as a high-quality baseline, ensuring that the deep product knowledge is communicated to the customer. This will support KAUFMANN’s aspirations to digitalise a vast workload, enabling the team to focus on other more value-adding activities.

By leveraging the power of AI, KAUFMANN is not only optimising its operations but also positioning itself as a frontrunner in the commerce industry.

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